MindLab prepared for student work

As MindLab is intended to be usable with “any model and any interface”, SIKT is trying to involve students in the work with creating new models and interfaces. In this way, we are hoping to learn about ways in which MindLab can be improved in order to facilitate external modellers’ work. It is also important for SIKT to maintain its connection to the academic community, as it provides valuable insight in ongoing research and new technology. The students, in turn, get the advantage of using a technology which allows them to create a rich user interface for their models, as well as MindLab’s convenient logging- and questionnaire functionality to be used for data collection and analysis.

In order to encourage this kind of work, MindLab is now offering a starting kit in both developer ends - a Flash kit which provides a facade to the server, such that the modeller can concentrate fully on designing the user interface, and an AnyLogic kit, realised as a shell that has everything that is required for the model to work with the server.

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