February 4th

MindLab Mil QuickGuide

In order to describe the main features and functionality of the MindLab Mil user interfaces, we have put together a quick guide. The guide covers both the use of the map interface and the communication system interface.

February 4th

MindLab Mil tutorial

We have created a tutorial describing the basic functionality of the MindLab Mil application. Due to a memory-bug in the screen capturing software we have used, some users may experience playback errors.

January 17th

SIKT AS becomes MindLab AS

A long planned name change is finally taking place, and SIKT is now adopting the name of its main product, MindLab. Not only is this name of a more international character, but more importantly, it signals our visions for the MindLab software. MindLab is to become the lead platform for leadership training, and MindLab AS to become the lead company providing expertise in this area.

November 15th

MindLab Communication System

The web-based communication system is a crucial component of multi-user games, and is the final step in making MindLab simulations completely independent as web applications. The communication system will be continuously updated with more advanced features, but already has the most important functionality in order to take part in a multi-user game:

  • sending of messages to other players of groups of players
  • automatic checking for of incoming messages
  • replying, forwarding and drafting of messages
  • GUI-generated message handling
  • sending of predefined messages at specified game times

The communication component is developed using a combination of Flex 2 and Struts, and is completely de-coupled from the rest of the system.

Further features to be implemented include:

  • sending of attachments
  • rich text editor
  • user-defined recipient groups
  • integration of sound and video
September 29th

MindLab Ordering Form

In order to place an order for MindLab, please download and complete the following form (pdf) and return it to SIKT AS:

Ordering form

May 22nd

SIKT presents at System Dynamics Conference 2006

The paper titled “MindLab: A Flexible Framework for Training Decision-Making” has been accepted for the System Dynamics conference in Nijmegen, Holland, in July. One of the comments from the reviewers state that “The conceptualization and development of this gaming tool constitutes a potentially invaluable contribution to the field and, as such, both deserves and should benefit from a responsive audience at the meeting.”

We will present a technically oriented paper on the MindLab architecture as a tool for creating graphical user interfaces and games for simulation models. We have chosen to do a poster presentation, and will try to do a demo of at least one usage of the architecture.

May 20th

New website

Welcome to our new website!